Nel has an large collection of names, all of which she answers to. Born Penelope Kentish, she named herself Nel when she was eleven, and at twenty-eight also adopted her husband’s surname of Griffiths.

Penelope/Nel Kentish/Griffiths is a theatre maker, teaching artist, writer, and lady. She is a co-founder and co-creator of Big One Little One [an award-winning live art and performance company], and director of Beloved Monster [a drama company for young people in Bathurst]. She is a sessional academic in communication, theatre, and production at Charles Sturt University [a university], and performs Fun Theatre for the Very Young [a touring show] for ages 2-5. Until semi-recently she co-owned Tommy’s [a restaurant and bar]. She freelances in an array of arts jobs, including MCing community events, stage managing, and directing community performance projects.

Nel is currently chipping away at an audio-story about high school romance, which will hopefully see the light of the world in late 2021.

She lives in Bathurst NSW with her husband, toddler son, baby daughter, and middle-aged cat.

You can hire Nel to:

  • run drama workshops with young people or adults!
  • lecture in drama, production and performance making!
  • create new theatre and performance with community groups!
  • perform something from her back catalogue at your festival or event!
  • MC your community event!
  • stage manager your show!
  • and more!