I might just take you on the AstroTurf


It is a beautiful day and everything is rich with colour.
For the first time in a while you feel happy and full of air.

Take a big breath.
Go and find your picnic rug.

I might just take you on the AstroTurf is a participatory audio theatre experience about falling in love with a beautiful stranger in a park and the way a crush can turn us all into nervous dreamers and amateur psychics.

With the guidance and instruction of a voice in their headphones, participants will experience and enact every step of the show themselves, sharing the AstroTurf world with nine other participants and a collection of other characters.

AstroTurf is the world with the colour turned up; you meet a beautiful stranger in the park and they smile at you…

Premiere season in Bathurst, July 2014, as part of Nel’s Masters of Arts Practice (Performance).

Writer & Animateur: Penelope (Nel) Kentish
Dramaturg & Sound Editing: Sarah Coffee
Outside Eye: Bren O’Connell
Lighting, Set & Props Construction: Tom L. Griffiths
Composition & Sound Design: Emily Bennett
Stage Manager: Madelaine Osborn

Performed By
Christopher (Charlie) Batten
Bianca Carrozzo
Sarah Coffee
Tom Griffiths
Sorca Hubbuck
Penelope Kentish
Jessica Murphy
Emma Paterson
Jeremy Rubel
Johanna Williams

and a special guest performance by KISS ME KATE.

I might just take you on the AstroTurf was first developed through Canberra Youth Theatre’s Open House Residency in November-December, 2011.

Images below by Tom L. Griffiths and Bianca Carrozzo.